A woman holding her hands in shape of a heart around the full moon on the sky at night

The Hormonal Dance

Our hormones are constantly changing throughout the day, and this affects our energy levels, metabolism, sexuality, and mental-emotional state.

On day 1 of the menstrual cycle, the follicle-oocyte begins to be stimulated, marking the end of one egg cycle and the beginning of the next. Our menstrual cycle is a natural process that changes every day, just like the Moon.

Every day, our hormones have different levels and proportions, creating a delicate and sensitive dance that keeps our bodies in balance.

It is important to recognize this cyclical quality and reconnect with the rhythms of nature. By observing, understanding, and adapting our lives to our phases, peculiarities, and cyclical conditions, we can learn to embrace our true selves with dignity, honor, love, and respect. It is the path to reconciliation with our femininity and the life-giving power we possess.

A woman holding her hands in shape of a heart around the full moon on the sky at night

The Menstrual Cycle Consists of 2 Phases and 4 Stages

Our menstrual cycle is divided into two major phases: the follicular phase and the luteal phase. Each phase brings unique hormonal changes that influence our mental and emotional experiences.

The follicular phase begins on day 1 of the cycle, which is the first day of menstruation, and lasts until ovulation. During this phase, the follicle, which is a sac-like structure in the ovary, develops to surround and protect the developing egg cell, called an oocyte. Estrogen levels are high during this phase, promoting creativity, focus, and cognitive function.

The luteal phase starts with ovulation, the release of the mature oocyte from the follicle. The follicle then transforms into the corpus luteum, which secretes progesterone. Progesterone levels rise during this phase, enhancing our emotional sensitivity, intuition, and nurturing instincts.

In addition to the hormonal changes, each phase also has a distinct effect on our brain activity. During the follicular phase, the left hemisphere, which is associated with logic, analysis, and language, is more active. In contrast, the right hemisphere, which is linked to creativity, intuition, and spatial awareness, becomes more active during the luteal phase.

This shifting balance between our hemispheres mirrors the cyclical nature of our menstrual cycle, demonstrating the profound impact that hormones have on our mental and emotional states. By understanding these phases and their effects, we can learn to appreciate the unique qualities and strengths that each phase brings to our lives.

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The menstrual cycle is divided into four distinct phases: preovulatory, ovulatory, premenstrual, and menstrual.

Each phase plays a crucial role in the journey of an egg's maturation and the hormonal changes that influence our bodies and minds.

Focusing on the ovulatory stage, it marks a pivotal transition between the follicular phase, where estrogen levels rise, and the luteal phase, where progesterone takes center stage. This phase epitomizes creativity, as it signifies the egg's release from the ovary, ready to potentially be fertilized.

To determine which ovary is ovulating, the body provides subtle clues. Gently massaging the area around the ankles can reveal the side with heightened sensitivity. The left ankle corresponds to the ovary associated with artistic, reflective, and feminine qualities, while the right ankle links to analytical and masculine characteristics.

Appreciating these cyclical shifts in our bodies allows us to better understand and harmonize with our unique and ever-changing selves.

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The Cycle of Life

From our very inception in our mother's womb, we carry within us the potential for life. In our ovaries, we are gifted with an estimated 500,000 follicles, each holding the promise of an immature egg. As we reach childbearing age, these follicles begin their journey towards maturation, each with the potential to carry the seed of creation.

At the start of each menstrual cycle, a select group of follicles is chosen to embark on this remarkable transformation. These chosen follicles diligently grow, vying for the chance to become the dominant follicle, the one destined to release a mature egg.

As the cycle progresses, the dominant follicle emerges victorious, reaching a magnificent size of around 2 centimeters. At this pivotal moment, it bursts open, releasing the egg from its protective cocoon, signaling the culmination of this intricate process – ovulation.

This phase of ovulation aligns with the nurturing archetype of motherhood, the warmth of summer, the fullness of the full moon, and the fluidity of the water element. It is a time to embrace our capacity to give, to nurture, and to foster life.

Feeling proud, satisfied, and whole for this innate ability to create and nurture becomes the driving force. It is a time to extend compassion, support, and guidance to those around us, embodying the essence of a mother's love.

This phase encourages us to harmonize, accept, and strengthen the bonds of those we hold dear. We become beacons of support, offering unwavering empathy and wisdom, rekindled friendships and family ties.

As we flow with our intuition and inner guidance, the power of ovulation transforms us into vessels of love, fostering a world filled with compassion, nurturing, and the enduring essence of creation.

The Cycle of Life: Understanding and Harmonizing with Your Ovulation

Emerging Spiritual Awareness

Spiritual awareness blooms when we recognize the profound connection we share with nature and the divine within. It's about marveling at the bond that intertwines us with Mother Earth and our maternal lineage, fostering a deep sense of belonging and interconnectedness.

This awakening manifests as a surge of sexual-creative energy, empowering us to embrace feminine passion in every facet of our lives. Whether it's through our dreams, attire, cuisine, or everyday interactions, we express this vibrancy through our walks, embraces, songs, dances, and bodily expressions.

Our bodies, in all their forms, become conduits of the divine, embracing nature's embrace under the sun, rain, or wind. It's about opening ourselves to the creative forces that pulsate within, trusting our innate wisdom and expressing it through art, writing, music, gardening, planting seeds, or meditating amidst the wonders of nature.

While this path may sound enchanting, it's important to acknowledge that many of us have internalized the societal role of caregiver, often to the point of exhaustion and depletion. Recognizing and honoring these cyclical forces within us demands conscious practice and self-care.

Remember, these energies reside not solely in menstruating women but in every individual. The journey of self-discovery and self-love is unique and ever-evolving, shaped by our individual experiences and perspectives.

Nurture your connection with nature, cultivate self-compassion, and embrace the cyclical rhythms of your being. As you delve deeper into your spiritual awareness, you'll discover a wellspring of creativity, passion, and vitality that enriches your life and radiates outwards to touch the world around you.

Our Eggs

Each egg is a seed, a vessel of immense creative potential. We embark on a remarkable journey with each egg, witnessing its growth and transformation.

At 20 weeks in our mother's womb, our ovaries hold an astonishing 20 million eggs. From that point forward, we begin to lose these precious cells. In a profound sense, our future children have already been within their grandmother's womb.

When an egg leaves its ovarian home, it embarks on a thrilling leap into the unknown, guided by the mesmerizing movement of the fallopian tubes, seeking fertilization or eventual reabsorption.

On a biological level, the egg becomes the discerning selector, sending out signals, attracting the sperm it deems most compatible.

Our "creatures," our children-creations, are the fruits of our labor and passion, given freely to the world with love. We nurture them, release them into the world, and sometimes let them go. We do so with unwavering trust, like a tree surrendering its ripened fruits without expectation, driven solely by the instinct to preserve and perpetuate life.

This act of creation is not about control or force. Each creation carries its unique gifts, gifts that evolve and adapt according to our life stage and the needs of the world around us.

In these moments of surrender, we learn to let go, to release our expectations, and to flow with our wild, untamed nature. We allow the creative power within us to manifest, guided by profound wisdom for the betterment of all beings.

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The Balance between Hypothalamus, Pituitary gland, and the Ovaries

The intricate dance of hormones in the menstrual cycle is orchestrated by a harmonious collaboration between three key players: the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and ovaries. These glands act as messengers, exchanging signals and influencing each other's activity to ensure the smooth functioning of the menstrual cycle.


Nestled deep within the brain, the hypothalamus acts as the master conductor, regulating the hormonal symphony. It releases a hormone called gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), which signals the pituitary gland to produce two important hormones: follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH).

Pituitary Gland:

Located at the base of the brain, the pituitary gland receives GnRH from the hypothalamus and responds by releasing FSH and LH into the bloodstream. FSH stimulates the growth and maturation of follicles in the ovaries, while LH triggers ovulation, the release of a mature egg.


These almond-shaped glands, nestled on either side of the uterus, house the precious eggs that await fertilization. As FSH guides the follicles' development, they produce estrogen, the hormone responsible for preparing the body for pregnancy. If fertilization does not occur, the dominant follicle transforms into a corpus luteum, which releases progesterone, ensuring the endometrial lining's stability.

This delicate balance between the hypothalamus, pituitary, and ovaries is essential for maintaining the menstrual cycle and ensuring reproductive health. When any of these glands malfunctions, the cycle can become irregular or even cease altogether.

It's important to nurture our ovaries, recognizing their vital role in our overall well-being. Just as we cherish our heart and lungs, we should appreciate the power of our ovaries, the source of our feminine essence and potential for creation.

Remember, our ovaries are not just physical organs; they represent our inner strength, vitality, and capacity for love. By understanding their role in our menstrual cycle and respecting their delicate balance, we can empower ourselves to live healthy, vibrant lives.

Ovarian Pain

While anatomical science doesn't recognize ovarian pain as a specific medical condition, many women experience cramping or twinges in the pelvic region during ovulation, known as "intermenstrual pelvic pain." This pain is thought to be caused by the rupture of the follicle that releases the egg, which can irritate the abdominal walls and even cause minor bleeding.

It's important to note that not everything women feel in their ovaries has been fully explored or understood by medical science. The stimulation of the follicle to mature and release each egg is a complex process that involves a delicate interplay of hormones from the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and ovaries. This intricate system can influence our overall well-being and how we experience our bodies.

During ovulation, the uterus also undergoes changes, shifting its position to a more vertical orientation. This positioning is thought to facilitate the absorption of sperm and increase the likelihood of conception.

Ovulation is a natural and essential part of the menstrual cycle. In each cycle, a follicle develops, filled with fluid and measuring approximately 2 centimeters in diameter. This follicle protects and nurtures an egg, ensuring its maturation until it's ready to be fertilized and potentially create new life.

When fertilization occurs, the follicle releases the egg, which is then guided by the uterine tube towards the uterus. The uterine tube's gentle movements assist the egg in its journey, ensuring its safe passage. If fertilization does not occur, the follicle transforms into a corpus luteum, which produces progesterone to maintain the lining of the uterus until the next menstrual cycle begins.

Ginevítex®, the best natural supplement for balancing your hormones

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Are you still uncertain about Ginevítex®?

Let me clear some of your doubts:

  • Ginevítex® is an eco-natural tincture made with the Vítex AC plant, an adaptogenic plant that helps balance the body, promoting its optimal state.

  • When taking Ginevítex® for the first time, start with the recommended daily dosage of 1 ml, and increase the amount you take on critical days depending on your individual needs. Over time, you may find that you need to take less. Ginevítex® is safe and can be taken for as long as you need it.

  • Ginevítex® goes beyond just relieving severe period pain; it helps to correct the underlying hormonal imbalance that causes this and other related problems. With our unique formula, you will feel more in tune with your body, with nature, and with your feminine essence.

Dear sister, it's time to reclaim the joy of being a woman. No more pain, no more frustration, just pure love and self-care. Let's embark on a journey of embracing our femininity with open hearts and radiant smiles.

I believe that every woman deserves to experience the fullness of her femininity without being hindered by discomfort or negativity. Let's break away from the societal norms that suppress our natural rhythms and embrace the beauty of our cyclical nature.

This journey starts with self-love and compassion. It's about understanding our bodies, honoring their needs, and treating ourselves with the tenderness we deserve. It's about cultivating a sense of empowerment and self-worth, knowing that our unique experiences do not define us but rather make us extraordinary.

Together, we can create a world where women feel understood, supported, and celebrated for their femininity, every single day of the month. Let's banish the pain, embrace the joy, and radiate the love that lies within us.

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