Ana Vitex
"With the experience of accompanying thousands of women in their processes, I have discovered that it is a priority to learn to take care of ourselves and build a network of professionals who address women's health in a respectful way and as the unit that we are."
Ana Vitex the creator of Ginevítex®

Our mission is to recover women's hormonal balance while respecting and caring for our nature.

Like countless women, she endured excruciating menstrual cramps that severely restricted her life. Now, she recognizes that these hormonal imbalances were more than just a hereditary trait from her mother.

Her life was a constant ebb and flow of female hormonal shifts, affecting every aspect of her being: mood, emotions, thinking, and behavior. Fortunately, chasteberry crossed her path. She began taking it as infusions, and to her relief, it proved to be a balm for her troubled hormones.

She then shared this invaluable knowledge with her friends and acquaintances, driven by an irresistible urge to share the secret with the world. They all had to know that there existed a natural hormonal treatment specifically tailored to women, offering significant relief from the debilitating symptoms of hormonal disorders.

For a time, she personally harvested chasteberry. Living on the Mediterranean coast, she found it abundantly in her surroundings. However, when she relocated to the north, she had to seek it out from local herbalists, realizing its scarcity in this area. It seemed her mission was to make the plant more widely recognized, and she continued her efforts, by distributing chasteberry in pill form.

It was her partner, Yeray, who sparked the idea:

"What if you created your own natural chasteberry preparation with your own brand?"

In that fleeting moment, she knew exactly how to proceed.

With unwavering determination, they embarked on a journey of experimentation and knowledge sharing, culminating in the creation of the first bottle of GINEVÍTEX® – a dietary supplement designed to regulate the hormonal system.

She was filled with an unwavering conviction that she had found "my plant," a solution that would finally put an end to the endless search for effective hormonal balance remedies for women.

Ginevítex® was born!

Today, GINEVÍTEX® stands as the only eco-natural hormone regulator crafted with genuine care and affection for you, the woman.

With GINEVÍTEX®, you'll discover a newfound state of well-being and hormonal equilibrium that will seamlessly support you throughout your reproductive journey, from the onset of menstruation to the transition into menopause.

Embrace the gift of balance and harmony with GINEVÍTEX®, your trusted companion on the path to holistic wellness.

Artisanal and limited ecological production.